Challenges faced by Zimbabwean Forex Traders

Recommended forex brokers for forex traders in Zimbabwe

As Zimbabwean forex traders, we are faced with a number of challenges. The first one is that some brokers do not accept Zimbabweans on their platforms. Thus it can be quite a challenge trying to get a reliable broker who accepts us. There are some shady brokers out there who can make it difficult for you to withdraw your profits.


It does not have to be that difficult for you though, I have compiled a list of recommended brokers that you can use below. These brokers have been in operation for a long time and are reliable. You can easily open an account with any of these brokers. I will advise you to open 2 accounts with 2 different brokers, 1 for short-term withdrawals and the other for long-term compounded growth.


  • Hotforex logo I have put [eafl id=”173″ name=”Hotforex Link” text=”Hotforex”] at the top because it is a broker that is quite popular with Zimbabweans and other traders the world over. For those in Zimbabwe, the broker offers Hotforex Mastercard For Zimbabweansa low deposit account of just $5.

You can also apply for a [eafl id=”1225″ name=”HOtForex masterCard” text=”HotForex MasterCard”] which makes it easy to access your profits. You can simply withdraw to the MasterCard and swipe the card in shops or withdraw at an ATM. The account opening procedure is also simple.  Open Your Free HotForex Account Here


  • Insta Forex broker for forex trading
  • [eafl id=”1918″ name=”Insta Forex” text=”InstaForex”]
  • This another broker that accepts Zimbabwean traders and is also widely used by traders. Account opening and withdrawal procedure is also simple. You can also open an account with [eafl id=”1920″ name=”insta forex bonus” text=”$1000 bonus to trade for free”]! Account opening and withdrawal procedure is also simple.

Minimum deposit is just $5. [eafl id=”1944″ name=”Insta forezx 250% Bonus” text=”You can also get a 250% deposit bonus”]!  Open Your InstaForex Account Here


You will also need to open digital wallet accounts to allow you to withdraw and deposit from your broker. You can open these accounts by clicking the links below.


For those who trade binary options, you can use the brokers below:

  • [eafl id=”456″ name=”” text=””] is another popular broker. The most popular instruments on the broker platform are the volatility indices which can be traded like forex but have the advantage that they are available 24/7 all year round. So they offer much flexibility to those who may want to trade in a forex like manner during the weekends.


  • [eafl id=”472″ name=”Ayrex” text=”Ayrex”]Ayrex is a binary broker that is gaining in popularity. Many people like this broker because it offers a [eafl id=”473″ name=”Ayrex binary blast” text=”chance to win $100 3 days a week without depositing any of your money”].

They call this [eafl id=”472″ name=”Ayrex” text=”the binary blast”], which is a competition where you trade demo money for an hour and who ever has the highest balance after that one hour will win $100. You can read more[eafl id=”472″ name=”Ayrex” text=”the binary blast”]


  • IQ Option[eafl id=”458″ name=”IQ” text=”Iq Options”] is a very popular binary options broker with a world-class interface. Open a demo account [eafl id=”458″ name=”IQ” text=”here”] and have a feel of their platform.


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